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When I move a user story from one iteration to another in TFS 2010, I then have to update the iteration in each child task manually. Otherwise it retains the previous iteration value and the various reports and filters don't produce the intended result.

Can anyone recommend a method, or extension, that will either keep the task iterations synchronised to their user story iterations automatically, or failing that, do it for all user stories/tasks in a product on demand?

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Try TFS Aggregator

Example Uses

  • Update the state of a Bug, PBI (or any parent) to "In Progress" when a child gets moved to "In Progress"
  • Update the state of a Bug, PBI (or any parent) to "Done" when all children get moved to "Done" or "Removed"
  • Update the "Work Remaining" on a Bug, PBI, etc with the sum of all the Task's "Work Remaining".
  • Update the "Work Remaining" on a Sprint with the sum of all the "Work Remaining" of its grandchildren (i.e. tasks of the PBIs and Bugs in the Sprint).
  • Sum up totals on a single work item (ie Dev Estimate + Test Estimate = Total Estimate)
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This looks great. Unfortunately, the feature to update children when the parent is changed is not yet implemented (according to the page you linked to - see Future Features at the bottom of the page). –  Ian Goldby Jun 18 '12 at 14:28

You can export all the work items in Excel and mass edit them into the new value.
In order to do so, you need to maintain a work item query and have all WIs within one Team Project. Typically this is an activity that goes down during planning poker when a new iteration is about to start.

I found this presentation by A.Bjork very useful on how to do (among other things) tasks like that.

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Thanks for the suggestion. This helps, but doesn't really solve the problem because I still need to (a) remember to do it and (b) make separate edits for each user story that I have moved. –  Ian Goldby Jun 18 '12 at 14:25
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The final answer seems to be that there is no readily available method or add-in that does what I want.

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