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Can anyone tell me how to call the n number of activities from different pages using sharedPreference?

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Question is unclear......Modify your questionnnn –  Preet Jun 18 '12 at 12:35

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You can save an array in your SharedPreference. Here's an example for that.

Your array can hold the names of your Activities. Like:

String activityNames[] = { "Activity1" , "Activity2" , "Activity3" };

Fetch this array from your SharedPreference, and then start the desired Activity using:

Class selected = Class.forName("learn.myandroidapp.hr." + activityNames[someIndex]);
Intent selectedIntent = new Intent(CurrentActivity.this,selected);

I haven't given you the entire code, but the basic idea(which is more than sufficient,I believe). Feel free to enquire for more.

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