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I have the following actor for which I would like to create unit tests to verify the following behaviour:

  1. ListeningActor correctly registers itself to watch the listeningTo actor.
  2. ListeningActor correctly kills itself when the listeningTo actor terminates.

How can I verify these two behaviours?

I am using Akka 2.0.2 with Java.


public class ListeningActor extends UntypedActor {
    private final ActorRef listeningTo;

    public ListeningActor(final ActorRef listeningTo) {
        this.listeningTo = listeningTo;

    public void preStart() {
        context().watch(listeningTo);          // <---- To verify

    public void onReceive(final Object o) throws Exception {
        if (o instanceof Terminated) {
            Terminated terminated = (Terminated) o;
            if (terminated.equals(listeningTo)) {
                context().stop(self());        // <---- To verify
        } else {
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Watch the ListenerActor with the testActor from TestKit, then expect the ListenerActor to be Terminated when you PoisonPill and-or stop an actor it listens to. Done.

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Thanks, that was easier than I thought. And it caught a bug - the if condition should have been written as if (terminated.actor().equals(listeningTo)) –  vegemite4me Jun 18 '12 at 16:22

If it helps anyone, here's my final unit test:

public class ListeningActorTest
    private TestKit testKit;
    private TestActorRef<ListeningActor> listeningActor;
    private TestProbe listeningToActor;

    public void setUp() throws Exception
        testKit = new TestKit(ActorSystem.apply());
        listeningToActor = TestProbe.apply(testKit.system());
        listeningActor = TestActorRef.apply(new Props(new UntypedActorFactory()
            public Actor create()
                return new ListeningActor(listeningToActor.ref());
        }), testKit.system());

    public void shouldTerminateWhenTheListeningToActorTerminates()


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Disclaimer: I am not familiar with akka.

Can you subclass ActorRef? If so, you can make a subclass specifically for testing which you can cause to send messages and be terminated. Then, in your unit tests, tell your instance of ListeningActor to be terminated, and verify that your ListeningActor instance has been stopped.

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Thank you Eric. I am actually hoping to use a solution that includes Akka's TestKit. I want to ensure that the context().watch() and context().stop() methods are called correctly. –  vegemite4me Jun 18 '12 at 15:17

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