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I have serious problem with Dajax instalation. However dajaxice work correctly dajax does not respond. INSTALLED_APPS = ( ... 'dajaxice', 'dajax', ...)

TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS = ("... "django.core.context_processors.request", ...)

TEMPLATE_LOADERS = ( ... 'django.template.loaders.eggs.Loader', )

Head section contains those elements:

{% load dajaxice_templatetags %}

src="/static/js/jquery.js" src="/static/js/functions.js" src="/static/js/jquery.dajax.core.js"

{% dajaxice_js_import %}

Apart of it, I have ajax.py in one of my apps with sample functions. Should I do sth more? Do you see any mistakes ?

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What is the error? Of this way is more easy –  Goin Jun 18 '12 at 13:19
There is even no error, seems like django does not see Dajax at all ;( –  user1403568 Jun 18 '12 at 15:19
Some error should have. it's possible that this error is a javascript error –  Goin Jun 18 '12 at 15:26

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Bit late - but I don't see any obvious mistakes. Perhaps you could first to try to get some information on the problem. Does your settings.py have:

DEBUG = True 

you might want to add some loggers to settings.py - e.g:

'dajaxice': {
   'handlers': ['file', 'console'],
   'level': 'WARNING',
   'propagate': True,
'dajaxice.DajaxiceRequest': {
   'handlers': ['file', 'console'],
   'level': 'WARNING',
   'propagate': True,

you also don't state whether or not your ajax.py has imported the required modules, might be worth checking:

from dajax.core import Dajax
from dajaxice.decorators import dajaxice_register

and from the docs dajax requires jQuery 1.6.2 (and above from my experience). What version are you using?

finally - make sure you add the registration decorator to your ajax.py functions, or otherwise register them as per the documentation http://docs.dajaxproject.com/dajaxice/create-my-first-dajaxice-function.html#create-your-ajax-function

For example:

def myexample(request):
    return simplejson.dumps({'message': 'Hello World'})

I'm loving Dajax/Dajaxice, although it's allowing me (or I'm allowing myself) to get into a big of a spaghetti bowl of code looping back and forth between python/django & js.

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