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For several years now I have freely hosted several local organizations web pages at no cost. One of those organizations wishes to move to their own server that they manage with their own server provider (alas, not A Small Orange--a little too expensive for them).

They have

  • a couple add on domains/websites
  • advanced DNS records with Google Apps
  • several mailing lists
  • a database or two
  • and of course their hosting directory

I was just wondering if there is a way to just export that stuff, so it can be imported in another cPanel?

OPTION ONE: One by one move all the stuff to the new host. Create the mailing lists, manually import the databases, set up the DNSs, and upload the files.

OPTION TWO: I could export the entire site, download the entire site, go to the new provider and upload it, and then delete all my content.

OPTION THREE: Is it possible to export their parts of the site, and import that to the other hosts cPanel?

Or another option all together? No email, and I don't even need the hosting history to be there (but it would be nice).

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My experience if I want to change my host provider. I backup all my files, database, and files. And then, I register new provider. Then, I upload all my files to my new hosting provider. I use Plesk here so I dont have any idea if you can export it to new CPanel. :)

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