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Currently writing twisted trial tests for an multi-component order flow system that are run together in a single package.

Each test involves calls to external OS proxy objects that are used to regulate traffic - these are common across all tests being run in a package, but across different environments and executions, different ports/ip addresses may be assigned.

Using the test setUp and tearDown methods work, but require constant setting up of connections/port assignments for each test with uncertain wait times for ports to clear.

Is there a way to set up these objects when trial starts up before running the first test, maintain these objects and allow inspection of those object variables, and then allow a teardown on completion of the trial package containing the tests?

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You probably don't need to do the set up when trial starts up; rather, you need to do the set up when trial runs the first test that depends on the given fixture. Since trial runs a global reactor, you can use that for your final tear-down before Trial is done.

There's an example of this in the way Calendar Server sets up a Postgres database for testing.

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Use testresources:

testresources is attempting to extend unittest with a clean and simple api to provide test optimisation where expensive common resources are needed for test cases

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