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I have three models: User Image Group.

  • User belongs to an image;
  • Group belongs to a User (admin)
  • Group Has and belongs to user;
  • User has and belongs to group;
  • User and group model are connected with users_groups table;

When I am viewing a group there is listing the members (Users, this works) I need to extract them images what should I do?

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You should use the ContainableBehavior. It will allow you to control what data you pull.

First, add it to your AppModel. I also always set $recursive = -1 so extra data is never pulled. Be careful with doing this with an existing app that relied on $recursive data.

class AppModel extends Model {
    public $recursive = -1;
    public $actsAs = array('Containable');

Then, during a find call, use the 'contain' query key. For example, on your GroupsController:

public function view($id = null) {
  $results = $this->Group->find('first', array(
    'conditions' => array(
        'Group.id' => $id
    'contain' => array(
        'User' => array(

This will bring in the User information associated with the group, along with the Image information associated with the users.

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Thanks should work great ! –  Danu Kuri-Yoki Jun 18 '12 at 14:48
Awesome! This will also speed up your app by removing superfluous calls and joining data you won't necessarily use in a view. –  jeremyharris Jun 18 '12 at 14:55

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