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In my app, I'd like to show a popup screen within my UITableViewController screen listing a few options for the user to select from.

Similar to how the Facebook app works (unfortunately I have no requests) :(

Facebook friends requests table

So I have two questions:

1) The black, shaded frame we see here seems to be a common style that I see a lot, especially in iPad apps. Is this just coincidence that apps use the same style? Is it a 3rd party plugin that others are using? Or is it a new, native part of the iOS SDK?

2) If I am to build this subview myself, what kind of structure would be best? I'd thought of:

UIImageView (for the background) > 
    UILabel (containing the header)
    UITableView (containing my sub-table)

Thanks in advance

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It's UIPopoverController, native component for iPad, but not for iPhone. For iPhone use 3rd party frameworks, like this one: http://www.50pixels.com/blog/labs/open-library-fppopover-ipad-like-popovers-for-iphone/

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Thanks a lot :) –  bodacious Jun 18 '12 at 15:34

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