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I have a console project which I want to start with some parameters argc. I want to pass to it a path from my computer, let's say C:\\My Folder. How can I pass the spaces?

When I try to read it I obtain something like C:\\My. I've read that I can pass them by using ". If so, how can I pass those to a string ("C:\My Folder") because I am start this program by using the Process.Start and ProcessStartInfo commands?

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Have you tried "\"C:\\My Folder\"" i.e. putting escaped quotes inside the string? – Rawling Jun 18 '12 at 14:31
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Wrap the argument in double quotes:

"c:\My Folder\some.exe" /a="this is an argument"

As a string passed to Process.Start:

process.StartInfo.Aguments = "\"this is an argument\"";

Check out this post & answer for more details.

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You can use delimited string. Using delimited string you can pass space, new line, or any other characters like slash , backslash etc.

  example:      string path = @"\"C:\\My Folder\"";

          string name = @" sudhansu    sekhar";
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note the @ symbol which is used to differentiate between normal string and delimited string – sudhAnsu63 Jun 18 '12 at 15:04

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