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I want to create a file with a block of code in it and then, when I open a new file, this block is already in the file without having to copy paste every time. Something like:

:e newfile.cpp/template.cpp

where I now have a new file named newfile.cpp and it has the contents of template.cpp in it; template.cpp will just sit in my directory and wont be changed unless I open it specifically.

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Use |(bar) to concate two commands:

:e newfile.cpp | r template.cpp
  • create a new file
  • read the template
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One generic possibility is simply to use this command:

:r template.cpp
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You can leave your template opened and use:

:saveas newfile.cpp

Or, use one snippets plugin like snipMate or XPTemplate to implement a similar functionality.

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If rely on templates a lot, you probably need something more advanced. There are several such plugins on; one is tSkeleton.

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