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I need to save the png that pchart creates to my mysql database.

Is there a function that will retrieve the binary data of the png the is created?

This is what i tried to add to the pChart library but it just returns one.

 function getPicture()
    return $this->Picture;


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It's not very difficult, this is has been asked and answered on stack overflow:

How can I store and retrieve images from a MySQL database using PHP?

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Most of the time the pChart library will be linked to a database in order to retrieve dynamic data.please take a look to this tutorial

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Hello I am not sure how this applies to what I am trying to do. pChart renders a png to file using the Render() function all i want to do is grab that data that gets rendered to file and put it into the db –  Jed Jun 19 '12 at 8:53

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