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I'm working with an application framework that has multiple products. It has a single installer and plugins are included/excluded based on build-server configuration.

I would like to change my build process so that multiple msi files are produced from a single build (one for each product, based on the framework). Is that possible ?

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We solved this by using the msbuild task to build separate WiX projects from the "main" msbuild, which just compiled everything. Within the separate WiX projects we set up the configuration. – Bill Jun 21 '12 at 14:13

I was strugling the same problem.

I had 2 different builds from 1 wxs file, and for 4 configurations from 1 build. e.g. build=server\client,conf=debug\release,platf=x86\x64.

My issue: to cerate a solution with projects, numbered by the variable of build (in my case there was 2 projects, for server and for client separate). every project needs to be based on one wxs file, and build properties need to be different. I used the standard env variables on Configuration and Platform, and used my own variable Build. I've done in that way. If u need more biulds, create more projects, use more variables...

P.S. If u find the better way, plz contact me.

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