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Since Apple have dropped Spin—the unresponsive state process monitoring and logging utility—I am in need of a replacement.

I know I can use spindump directly, but I really liked the automated graphical front-end for it.

Can anyone suggest a good replacement?

My needs are: automatically sample my process by name and store the log when the process becomes unresponsive.

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I've been desperately looking for a spin control alternative, and I noticed within Intruments there's a tool called "spin monitor". Annoyingly, this isn't shown within the initial template wizard, you have to find it by clicking library in the titlebar first (see screenshot):

spin control seems to now be spin monitor within instruments (xcode 4.5 on mountain lion)

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This is close to what I want. But it is quite cumbersome to use in the huge interface of Instruments. – Aeyoun Dec 10 '12 at 11:40

I'm not particularly experienced with development in XCode so this answer might not be what you are looking for, but after a while searching and reading up on Spin I found this article in the Apple Developer documentation.

It appears that there is no single tool that replaces Spin Instead, Apple wish for you to now use a combination of Instruments, their unified collection of utilities for debugging and monitoring iOS/OSX apps, and Shark, an advanced tool for sampling/tracing a single application or all running applications.

In particular, you may find this feature of Shark to be useful:

Shark also offers the windowed time facility feature for several of its sampling options. The windowed time facility tells Shark to record and process a finite buffer of the most recently acquired samples. This feature lets Shark record data continuously and for long periods of time in the background. You can then direct Shark to stop sampling only after something interesting occurs in your code

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The advantage of Spin Control is that it automatically identifies beachball situations and takes a sample. Shark doesn't seem to be included in the latest Xcode 4. – Uncommon Aug 28 '12 at 19:57
For me with Mountain Lion: Shark will not launch. If I understand correctly the Wikipedia page for Apple Developer Tools, Shark was probably deprecated around the time of release of Lion. – Graham Perrin Dec 17 '12 at 0:48

A guess

Whilst Spin is no longer present, the operating system might respect changes to preferences in the domain.

If that is true, then a change to the value for hangDelay could effectively change the delay before sampling begins:

sh-3.2$ defaults read
    hangDelay = 5;
    watchOnlyApplication = 0;
sh-3.2$ defaults write hangDelay 10
sh-3.2$ defaults read
    hangDelay = 10;
    watchOnlyApplication = 0;

Less likely

For when a single application was watched, I guess that the value for watchOnlyApplication could be either the name or PID of the process (thanks to @Aeyoun for a comment). There's a description of the feature but not the values in a 2006 MacTech article, OS X Investigation and Troubleshooting - Part 2: The Secrets to OS X success.

I doubt that setting watchOnlyApplication to anything other than 0 can have any use on a system that is without Spin

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watchOnlyApplication would probably be the function where logs where only recorded if the unresponsive app matched that name. – Aeyoun Dec 17 '12 at 10:38

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