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Say you have a user defined class A:

classdef A
    function myMethod(self)
      fprintf(1,'Call success.\n');

Put an object of type A in a containers.Map data structure:

my_a = A();
M = containers.Map;
M('my_a') = my_a;

Try to call the object's method using dot notation:


It throws the following:

Error using A/myMethod
Too many output arguments.

Is this expected? What am I missing?

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Probably something confuses Matlab - the class you are using is Value class, not handle class, it should return "this" in every method. I found 2 workarounds - (1) Add output parameter to myMethod (2) use temporary variable. –  Andrey Jun 18 '12 at 15:08

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You could use the other syntax:

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