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[Updated with partial answers, some more detailed questions.]

  1. Does CouchDB support multi-domain hosting? Yes, via [vhosts] + _rewrite(s) configuration.

  2. Does CouchDB support multiple individual httpd bind_address'es (i.e., other than

  3. Does CouchDB do multi-domain hosting with SSL support?

  4. Is there a canonical (good example) configuration for 2 or more hosts with SSL?

I'd like to know how to run CouchDB to support separate domains, several of which need SSL support for secure connections. I googled to no avail, so I'm wondering if anyone is using CouchDB this way, or whether it's even possible. A sample configuration file would help.


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Looks like CouchDB supports either one individual ip bind_address, or the global bind_address.

Google led to this feature request:


which links to this discussion (2012-03-24) which indicates --- requested feature, but no ETA:


So the answer to #2-4 is "No." for now. (I.e., is the only CouchDB solution for multiple bind_address'es.)

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