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I am trying to do a simple commit in SVN (I'm using Cornerstone on a Mac). The commit fails with the following error:

Description : An error occurred while contacting the repository. [...] Error : V4CommunicationError [...] Description : At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged Status : 175008 [...] Description : Error setting property 'log': Could not execute PROPPATCH. Status : 175002 [...]

I have tried reinstalling Cornerstone, and I have tried checking out the repository to another directory and committing from there.

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I got the same issue using English and Russian in one line in commit comments. After deleting and retyping the message only in one language (Russian) commit succeeded.

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I had this issue in Versions, it seems that this issue is caused by using "rich text" in the commit message. Hope this makes the issue and solution a bit clearer.

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This answer solved my problem. I copied some text from a excel document to my commit message. Commit is successful after removing those text. – LordSpark Sep 7 at 7:45
This solved my issue as well pasting an issue number from JIRA – Ben Oct 30 at 14:22
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I found another site that mentioned something about "single line comments." My commit message didn't have multiple lines, but it did have smart quotes that I copied and pasted from our bug tracking system. Here is the offending phrase:


When I took away the smart quotes, I was able to commit.

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