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I have written a ScalaCheck test case within Specs2. The test case gives up because too many tests were discarded. However, it doesn't tell me why they were discarded. How can I find out why?

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Set a breakpoint on the org.scalacheck.Gen.fail method and see what is calling it.

Incidentally, in my case the problem was twofold:

  • I had set maxDiscarded to a value (1) that was too small, because I was being too optimistic - I didn't realise that ScalaCheck would start at a collection of size 0 by default even if I asked for a non-empty collection (I don't know why it does this).

  • I was generating collections of size 1 and up, even though, as I later realised, they should have been of size 2 and up for what I was trying to test - which was causing further discards in later generators based on that generator.

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