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I'm making a project and I need a way to control a webcam. The webcam should tilt in two axes and have any kind of zoom (two discrete levels is the minimum I guess). The webcam motors should have some simple connection to the computer (USB or something) and preferably be controlled by some low-level (like byte level) protocol. Can I buy a webcam like this? Do I have to construct the tilting mechanism myself?

(This might be too much hardware and too little software, but this site seemed the most appropriate.)

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You might find following links relevant: http://www.trackercam.com/TCamWeb/index.htm. You find packages with motors and webcam for roughly 250$ and motors from 160$.

If you are more the DIY kind of guy, checkout this link: http://hacknmod.com/hack/real-time-diy-pan-tilt-camera-with-arduino-wii-nunchuck/

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