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Scrum loves to bring games into the mix to enhance 'flow'. As Scrum Master, I'm looking for a fun game to encourage Team Members to be on time to meetings.

In the past I have heard of... each Team Member has a Nerf Gun that the Scrum Master takes possession of in the off hours, and at the Daily Scrum they get handed out. Last person to attend the Daily Scrum (aka Standup) gets shot with all the other Nerf guns that have already been dispersed.

Any additional ideas/experiences?

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Voting to close as this is off-topic for this site. It's related to software development, but not specifically to programming. Check out the FAQ. May be a better fit for programmers.se, though I'm not sure how broad the "development methodologies" umbrella is over there. –  Anthony Grist Jun 18 '12 at 16:29

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I work in a scrum environment as well. It isn't necessarily a game, but whenever someone is late for a scrum meeting, they have to bring in donuts/cookies or some other kind of dessert the next day.

It give all of us a chance to 'meet' the next day with donuts and cookies in the meeting, making the meeting a little more like a 'party' or get together, which does add some fun.

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How about, "if you're late again, you're fired." That's always fun.

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IMO it's antiagile way –  Ruslan Dzhabbarov Jul 9 '12 at 18:29

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