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I have bio information inside a variable:

$bio = 'text, text, text...';

I trim that text and use rtrim php function at the end

rtrim($bio,',.;:- _!$&#'); 

The problem is that sometimes the bio information has a structure like this:

$bio = 'hello, i am jason!and i like cars,sports,beer and boats, tv, papers.';

Is there a way to add spaces when two words separated by punctuation marks are not delimited by spaces? Like "i am jason!and" or "cars,sports,beer"

$bio should be:

$bio = 'hello, i am jason and i like cars, sports, beer and boats, tv, papers.';

Thank you!

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You could always have a loop that checks each index of the string, and if it equals one of the given punctuations you have, create a new string such as

$bio = substr($bio,0,index of punctuation+1)." ".substr($bio,index of punctuation+1,length     of bio);

It's bulky for sure but should get the job done.

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You could use preg_replace() to replace occurrences of punctuation mark followed by alpha(numeric?) literal (without white space inbetween) to be replaced by the same punctuation symbol followed by a white space and the rest :)

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Sound like the way to do it, I am a total newb... could you give me an example? I have no idea how to write the preg replace regex. Ty – webmasters Jun 20 '12 at 1:23

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