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I want to test a backbone view that should initially centre itself in its parent container when first instantiated. It's part of a UI that allows the user to drag elements around inside a div.

This current test isn't working (the left and top of the element are set to zero).

I realise that since the parent and child element I created are never inserted into the DOM, their CSS never seems to take on any values. What is the correct way of doing this?

The render function:

    left: ($(@parent).width() - @el.width) / 2
    top: ($(@parent).height() - @el.height) / 2      

The test code

it("should center the element", function() {
  var size = { width: 60, height: 90};
  var parent = document.createElement('div');

  this.view.parent = parent;

  var expectPosition = {
    left: ($(parent).width() - $(this.view.el).width()) / 2,
    top: (size.height - $(this.view.el).height()) / 2,

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