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I have installed Windows server AppFabric Cache in a development machine (Windows 7) to try it. I have created a simple aspx page which GETs a DataTabel (1000 rows integer and string) that I have saved earlier in the Cache. Calculating the GET times (I used Stopwatch class) after a sequense of page reloads I got the following times 13ms, 13ms, 13ms, 13ms, 439ms, 13ms, 309ms, 452ms, 603ms, 195ms, 565ms, 13ms, etc. I am totally comfused with that and I cannot explain it. What might cause such a delay considering that 13ms is the normal time?

Thank you in advance

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Have you noticed any bottlenecks (CPU, memory, network) during the test? Try to compare with queries to persistent database.

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Thank you for your reply but I think the answer is in this article… – Ioannis Dontas Jun 21 '12 at 16:22

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