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Are there any significant technical differences between using JOGL in applets versus WebGL? I'd like to focus on two things in particular:

  • Performance: Is there significantly more overhead in rendering 3D using WebGL?
  • Functionality: How well do the two support the OpenGL standard?

I'm developing a 3D web application and I'd like to know more about the technical capabilities of the two.

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I think the pure GL rendering speed will be similar, in particular if you do a lot of work in a small amount of calls. For other code, Java tends to be roughly 5-10x faster than Javascript: http://blog.j15r.com/2011/12/for-those-unfamiliar-with-it-box2d-is.html

There are other differences:

  • JOGL requires that you can run applets / signed webstart (I am not sure whether this is still enabled by default on most browsers)
  • WebGL requires a WebGL enabled browser (modern Chrome, Safari or Firefox, does not work on IE)....
  • WebGL is based on GL ES 2.0, i.e. there is no support for the GL fixed function pipeline. This means you'll need to implement your own shaders or use a library such as three.js
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JOGL doesn't run on phones and is never likely to. Java is a known security problem in browsers and many companies don't allow it. (goo.gl/vmPVx) –  gman Jun 20 '12 at 5:52
p.s.: PlayN and LibGDX both provide GL 2.0 interfaces and can use WebGL, LWJGL or Android GL bindings internally. This allows you to target Android, Java and HTML with a single code base. –  Stefan Haustein Jun 20 '12 at 7:55

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