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By reading some text, especially the iOS document about delegate, all the protocol method are called hook that the custom delegate object need to implement. But some other books, name these hook as callback, what is the difference between them? Are they just different name but the same mechanism? In addition to Obj-C, some other programming languages, such as C, also got the hook, same situation with Obj-C?

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The terminology here is a bit fuzzy. In general the two appempts to achive similar results.

In general, a callback is a function (or delegate) that you register with the API to be called at the appropriate time in the flow of processing (e.g to notify you that the processing is at a certain stage)

A hook traditionally means something a bit more general that serves the purpose of modifying calls to the API (e.g. modify the passed parameters, monitor the called functions). In this meaning it is usually much lower level than what can be achieved by higher-level languages like Java.

In the context of iOS, the word hook means the exact same thing as callback above

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The two term are very similar and are sometimes used interchangably. A hook is an option in a library were the user code can link a function to change the behavior of the library. The library function need not run concurrent with the user code; as in a destructor.

A callback is a specific type of hook where the user code is going to initiate the library call, usually an I/O call or GUI call, which gives contol over to the kernel or GUI subsystem. The controlling process then 'calls back' the user code on an interupt or signal so the user code can supply the handler.

Historically, I've seen hook used for interupt handlers and callback used for GUI event handlers. I also see hook used when the routine is to be static linked and callback used in dynamic code.

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