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there might be an easier way to achieve what i'm trying to do and i don't think i completely understand $.extend() function, but here i am seeking for an advise:

i have this custom grid object defined on my index:

var grid = $('.grid').loadGrid({
            inlineEditing:<?php echo $edit ? 'true' : 'false'; ?>,
            adding:<?php echo $edit ? 'true' : 'false'; ?>,
            deleting:<?php echo $edit ? 'true' : 'false'; ?>,
            loadComplete: function() {
                exp_sql = $(this).data().exp_sql;

as you can see some of the parameters are worked out while PHP processing the page.

i have then below on the page several grids defined with some var check beforehand:

$tab = '1';
if(!@in_array($tab,$SECTIONS,true) AND $LEVEL != 1){ $edit = 0;}

<table class="grid cat" action="div-m.php" title="Master catalogue info">
   <th col="Catalogue"  editable="<?php echo $edit ? 'select' : ''; ?>">Catalogue No</th>
   <th col="ISRC" editable="<?php echo $edit ? 'text' : ''; ?>">ISRC</th>


<table class="grid isrc" action="div-d.php" title="Digital / detailed info">

each of the separate tables have their unique date_ranges (from mysql table) which should be defined in main grid for each table.. but because i have several grids on the same page i cannot do it with PHP.

so the question is - can i extend the firstly defined object grid with more options straight before the table, i.e.:

    $tab = '1';
    $grid = 'cat';
    if(!@in_array($tab,$SECTIONS,true) AND $LEVEL != 1){ $edit = 0;}
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var date = {dateRange:"street_date"};
        $.extend.apply(grid, date);
    //  $.extend(grid, dateRange:"street_date");
    <table class="grid cat" action="div-m.php" title="Master catalogue info">

the above obviously doesn't work... because i think loadGrid() method should be called again...

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