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I'm trying to use deface to remove the product list on the home page of a new Spree theme.

I have the following override (overrides/remove_products.rb):

Deface::Override.new(:virtual_path  => "spree/layouts/spree_application",
:remove => "[data-hook='homepage_products']",
:name          => "remove_products")

The override doesn't appear to run. I'm assuming that the virtual path may be incorrect? I have other overrides working (to remove the sidebar on the homepage for example).

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I believe the file you are looking for is core/app/views/spree/home/index.html.erb, so I believe your virtual path should be:

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Example: Remove left Nav bar from Spree index page.

Step 1: create a file with name in app/overides/remove_left_nav_bar.rb

Step 2: paste following code in it.

Deface::Override.new(:virtual_path => 'spree/home/index',

                :name => 'remove_left_nav_bar',

                :remove => "[data-hook='homepage_sidebar_navigation']"


step 3: Restart your server.
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