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I need to generate css based on client queries. I use the @import url() directive inside some style tags to call a method to produce a text string response of css. I can see the css is generated correctly in firebug, but it doesn't take effect.

If I serve the exact same css from my site media directory use the @import directive everything works fine.

my html header code:

<style type="text/css">
@import url("{{ css_url }}")
/*@import url("/site_media/css/style.css")*/

my django python code:

string = u'#exampleTextInput{ background-color:#ff0000;}\n'
return HttpResponse(string)
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You probably need to set a Content-Type response header; that'd be my first guess:

string = u'#exampleTextInput{ background-color:#ff0000;}\n'
return HttpResponse(string, content_type='text/css')
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