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I installed the dbpedia spotlight from and wanted to improve its dataset by downloading from

Can someone tell me how to use the data from spotter lexicon and disambiguation index with the jar files.

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Assuming you have already downloaded and decompressed the files below:

tar zxvf context-index-compact.tgz
gunzip surface_forms-Wikipedia-TitRedDis.uriThresh75.tsv.spotterDictionary.gz

Now you just need to change the file to point to your newly extracted files:

org.dbpedia.spotlight.index.dir = index-withSF-withTypes-compressed = surface_forms-Wikipedia-TitRedDis.uriThresh75.tsv.spotterDictionary

If you are using the largest spotter dict, you may need to increase the java heap space -- e.g. -Xmx10G in your command line.

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thanks very much Pablo. :) I am interested in getting deeper and learning more about this project Dbpedia Spotlight. I referred to the documentation on official dbpedia site and was looking for technical implementation . – learner Jun 20 '12 at 4:04

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