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I'm just developing my own mini framework for an application I was working on, and I've been studying the jQuery is coded.

I get the way $(selector).function() works, but how come you can call some functions such as:


Surely this would been the dollar symbol references both a function and the jquery.fn object at the same time?

Thanks in advance!

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Functions are objects in JavaScript so they can have properties.

$ is the jQuery object, when using $() it is used as a constructor (it contains some magic so new is not necessary); but it also contains lots of methods (and some non-callable properties such as $.browser) available as $.something

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Could you give me an example of a function that also has a property then. Say that I could call both function() and function.test? –  jleck Jun 18 '12 at 18:06
@JamesLeckenby: Simple. var a = function() { console.log("from a"); }; a.test = function() { console.log("from a.test"); }; a(); a.test(); –  Amadan Jun 18 '12 at 18:07


var $ = function(str) {
    document.write(str+'<br />');

$.ajax = function(str) {
    document.write(str+'<br />');

$.answer = 42;

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