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I have the next mysql query:

    $productn = $jdb->query('SELECT t2.title FROM '.DB_PREFIX.'shopping_cart AS t1 LEFT JOIN '.DB_PREFIX.'shop_order_details AS t2 ON t1.shopid WHERE t1.session = "'.smartsql($_SESSION['shopping_cart']).'"');

while ($rowp = $productn->fetch_assoc()) {
// my product title
 $productname = $rowp["title"];

Using the print_r($productname); I'm getting something like:


I want to display something like:

3 x Name1 2 x Name2


3 x Name1, 2 x Name2

It is possible to make this ?

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It is possible, but what have you tried? –  sczizzo Jun 18 '12 at 18:19

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SQL query would be something like this:

select name,count(name) from table group by name ;

Hope this helps you.

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If you want to do it with PHP, use:

$total_products = array();
while ($rowp = $productn->fetch_assoc()) {
   $productname = $rowp['title'];
   if(isset($total_products[$productname])) {
      $total_products[$productname] = 1;

UPD 1: Show products in desired format:

foreach($total_products as $name => $num) {
   echo "{$num} x {$name}, ";
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Nop, all I get is "Array ( [Name1] => 36 [Name1] => 162 [Name1] => 219 ) Array ( [Name2] => 36 [Name2] => 165 [Name1] => 219 ) Array ( [Name2] => 36 [Name2] => 165 [Name1] => 222 ) ". I had 2 x Name1 and 1 x Name2. Thanks btw –  demlasjr Jun 18 '12 at 18:38
@demlasjr You view it because you need to use a foreach loop to show data in desired format. Look at my update. –  B7ackAnge7z Jun 18 '12 at 19:08
it's just showing different orders from my database, nothing relevant. I think it's the array fault. –  demlasjr Jun 18 '12 at 23:52

You can use group by close with count(*) group function like this

$productn = $jdb->query('SELECT t2.title, count(t2.title) num FROM '.DB_PREFIX.'shopping_cart AS t1 LEFT JOIN '.DB_PREFIX.'shop_order_details AS t2 ON t1.shopid WHERE t1.session = "'.smartsql($_SESSION['shopping_cart']).'" group by t2.title');

while ($rowp = $productn->fetch_assoc()) {
// my product title
 $productname = $rowp["title"];
 $numberofproducts  = $rowp["num"];

this should work...

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Getting something like Namex210Namex210Namex210 where x=1 (made it this way to know where the error is). I had 2xName1 and 1xName2. Thanks for help –  demlasjr Jun 18 '12 at 18:44
change the count(*) to count(t2.title). 210 is probably the total number of rows –  FatalError Jun 18 '12 at 21:43
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Ok, I finally was able to make what I wanted, so I want to share it here for future use.

This is what I've done:

$productn = $jdb->query('SELECT t2.title, count(t2.title) num FROM '.DB_PREFIX.'shop_order_details AS t2 WHERE t2.orderid ="'.$orderid.'" GROUP BY t2.title');

 echo $registro['title'].' x '.$registro['num']."<br>";

And I defined fetch_array() in my class:

    function fetch_assoc() {
    if($this->result) {
        return mysql_fetch_assoc($this->result);
    } else {
        return false;

Thanks everybody for help. I added points to everybody !

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You might want to group by title and count the number of occurrences per grouping.

SELECT t2.title, COUNT(t2.title)
FROM shopping_cart AS t1
LEFT JOIN shop_order_details AS t2 ON t1.shopid
WHERE t1.session = <session>
GROUP BY t2.title

Take a look at the COUNT(*) and GROUP BY function reference.

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