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My apologies if you think this question is supposed to be on the Math exchange, they scare me a bit and their answers usually don't make any sense to me.

Right, I'm trying to get very basic physics in Javascript. I have a vector(direction and magnitude) and I need to modify both direction and magnitude because... well... gravity. I do know how to calculate it all using an x and y speed, but I wanted to go for a different approach this time and use vectors instead though I'm failing to understand it.

I'm sorry for giving so little information, but I'm clueless...

particle.velocity.angle += ?;
particle.velocity.speed += ?;

What's the equation of modifying the angle and speed of a vector using an acceleration?

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This is more kinematics than programming... –  sczizzo Jun 18 '12 at 18:36
This might help depending on your maths ability en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projectile_motion –  mathematician1975 Jun 18 '12 at 18:39

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Rather than storing velocity as angle and speed, store it as x speed and y speed. Then gravity affects the y speed, but not the x speed. Gravity is a force, so it accelerates, meaning the change in speed is constant. At every time delta, change the y speed by the same amount, and you'll get a gravity effect.

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