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I'm trying to map a return type that has no direct class to something in MonoTouch (something as I'm not sure what the equivalent is).

For example if in btouch I want to bind the resulting type UIView < ProtocolX > defined like so:

- (UIView< ProtocolThing > *)addThing:(Thing *)aThing;

I've done this successfully:

[Export("addThing:")] UIView AddThing(Thing aThing);

Except I can't then get at the ProtocolThing extensions. And if I create an intermediate type like UIViewProtocolThing like:

//@interface UIViewProtocolThing : UIView { [BaseType (typeof (UIView))] interface UIViewProtocolThing : ProtocolThing { ... }

I can use UIViewProtocolThing, but since it creates constructors for UIViewProtocolThing and those constructors don't exist, returning this type fails.

Anyone have a thought about this?

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1 Answer

I think you could just fix this on the C# side. Use UIView in the binding.

Then make a class like so:

public class ProtocolView : UIView
    //Fill out all the constructors
    public ProtocolView() { }

    public ProtocolView(IntPtr handle) : base (handle) { }

    public virtual void MyExportForProtocolThing() { }

Make sure to implement all methods of the protocol.

You can even put this new class in the binding project if you wish.

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