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I am trying to edit the sidebar of a mediawiki page by making a sidebar header a link.

From what I have found, the only thing that the sidebar in [[mediawiki:sidebar]] can interpret is asterisks.

I have attempted to do something like this:

* [[google.com | Help]]
** mainpage| Help
** Subheading1|Sub1
** Subheading2|Sub2
** Subheading3|Sub3
** Subheading4|Sub4

WHen I preview this code sample, it displays correctly. But when it is implemented, it shows the brackets and the url in the sidebar.

I assume I am going to have to do something with the "common.js", so it does it for all pages, since we are not using a skin.

NOTE I do not have access to the server files since I am new here. They want me to see if I can do this editing the common.js file in [[mediawiki:common.js]].

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If you want to link to google.com, you'll have to use http://google.com|Help. The MediaWiki:Sidebar interface message is not parsed like a usual page, which leads to a confusing preview.

For more information, read the excellent Manual for MediaWiki:Sidebar, espacially the section "Advanced customization". Try to find a non-JS solution.

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I have tried reading this, but it does not help me out. I can't even get javascript to execute. –  Johnrad Jun 18 '12 at 19:45
What exactly is your aim? Which rights do you have? Which JavaScript have you tried? –  Bergi Jun 18 '12 at 20:23

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