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I am using a nested model form to edit all phone numbers of a client. I think the way simple_form displays it can be improved if I place all phone attributes on one line.

Here is a code I currently have:

    = f.input :lname, label: t('client.lname')
    = f.input :fname, label: t('client.fname')
    = f.simple_fields_for :phones do |phones_form|
      = phones_form.input :phone, label: 'Phone'
      = phones_form.input :kind, collection: [:home, :work, :cell, :unknown], label: 'Kind'
      = phones_form.input :_destroy, as: :boolean, label: 'Delete?'

    = f.button :submit, value: t('client.submit'), class: 'btn btn-primary'

and it produces the following: enter image description here

Is it possible to put nested model's form attributes on one line (like this)? enter image description here

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Yah this is a CSS issue. In short you write it in style like so :

= phones_form.input :kind, collection: [:home, :work, :cell, :unknown], label: 'Kind', style: 'width: 50px;' 
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Right. I wonder if it is possible to combine .form-horizontal with .inline fieldset block with twitter-bootstrap. –  Alexei Danchenkov Jun 20 '12 at 11:33

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