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I want to have a common configuration with settings that do not change across different environments (development and production). I know I could set up a global settings.py file (e.g., sql limits), but as far as I know, pyramid requires certain settings to be found in the ini file at startup (e.g., template directory paths).

Can I, and if so, how do I would do this in pyramid?

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There are a couple possible options without going outside the INI-confines of PasteDeploy. However, up front, realize the beauty of the INI file model is an underlying ability to create multiple files with different settings/configurations. Yes, you have to keep them in sync, but they are just settings (no logic) so that shouldn't be insurmountable.

Anyway, PasteDeploy supports a default section that is inherited by the [app:XXX] sections. So you can place common settings there, and have a different [app:myapp-dev] and [app:myapp-prod] sections.

# settings.ini

foo = bar

use = egg:myapp

use = egg:myapp

set foo = baz

This can be run via

env/bin/pserve -n myapp-dev settings.ini

Another option is to use multiple configuration files.

# myapp.ini

use = egg:myapp

foo = bar

# myapp-dev.ini

use = config:myapp.ini#myapp-section

foo = baz

# myapp-prod.ini

use = config:myapp.ini#myapp-section

This can be run via

env/bin/pserve myapp-prod.ini

If you don't want to use PasteDeploy (ini files), you can do something in Python but there are real benefits to this configuration being simple.

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