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I used a plugin to input data into a database. Now I am displaying the data and writing code to search/sort. My problem is that I am not familiar with arrays that are put into a single field in a database. I’m not even sure of the correct “name” for data in this format. So if anyone could please direct me to a tutorial or documentation, I would appreciate it. Here is a sample of the code contained in one field of the database.


Ultimately I will need to display this data with a <br/> separating each element in the array. I also need to understand it better so I can search the fields that are displayed this way. I also really want to learn about it, because I believe it is fairly common and I should understand it.

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Can you post a link to the plugin that made this and send another sample line? – NaturalBornCamper Jun 18 '12 at 19:25

this data has been serialized so call

$array = unserialize($data);

another popular encoding is JSON which you should also look into.

just so you know what is going on

  • "a:4" says what follows will be an array with 4 elements
  • "i:0" says this is the 0th index in the array
  • "s:32" says what comes next is a string
  • "Green" is that string
  • the rest just follows this pattern
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Thank You soo much!!!! You saved me alot of time and fustration!!!! – PeggyMe Jun 18 '12 at 20:29

That data has been serialized. unserialize it to get the array back.

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