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I'm working on a project and I've been asked to add a fairly detailed and nested menu system overtop pre-existing gameplay. I'm new to iphone programming in general, but have experience with other C languages on different platforms. I'm looking for an example of a good clean menu system architecture.

So far, I've gotten a little used to how the xib files interact with the code, but I still have a ways to go it seems. I have two UIViewControllers; lets call them UIViewControllerA and UIViewControllerB. I started with UIViewControllerA (the game's main view controller) and want to add UIViewControllerB as a menu to lay on top the game window. The only way I've found to get UIViewControllerB to render is to use it as a data member of UIViewControllerA and add it as a subview to UIViewControllerA.

This seems like a very unclean way to organize this system and introduces some bugs. IE - when I have UIViewControllerB showing, the touch events fall through to UIViewControllerA which I do not want.

Sorry this is long, but I'll get to the point. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to create a clean and robust menu system? I feel as though I am way off the mark. I don't think I have enough experience to come up with a good system on this platform.

Thanks in advance!


I feel as perhaps I didn't specify that I'm seeking help for technical programming design rather than visual design. I'm seeking for a way to implement a state-machine type architecture for an iphone platform.

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Check out this link - https://github.com/relikd/OGActionChooser

It's a nice-looking replacement for a UIActionSheet or UIAlertView - this could easily be customized to present a modal menu system.

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A really easy way to have a clean menu page, simply take a picture of hardwood floor (or off the web) and add buttons. I would show an example but I need 10 points...

Take the pic, onto PS (photoshop) and add a box or square, add shadow and some cool special effects, upload it to xcode, but the buttons in the box.

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That sounds like good advice for the visual design, but I was looking for help on the technical side. Thanks though. :) –  rkeller Jun 18 '12 at 19:51

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