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I want to use a captcha generator witch works like this:

1)Save some security text in the $_SESSION variable 2)Display the captha image.

<img src="">

the captcha image is a php file which reads the $_SESSION["security_text"] and generates an image, by setting it-s header to an image:

header(&quot;Content-Disposition:inline ; filename=secure.jpg&quot;);

3)compare the submited text to the one stored inside _SESSION

The problem: -I set $_SESSION["outside"]="outside"; before the image tag, but inside captcha_source.php the $_SESSION variable is empty.

-If I give it session_start() at the beginning of captcha_source.php, the session_id IS THE SAME as for the rest of the site, but _SESSION is still empty.

-If I set $_SESSION["inside"]="inside"; inside captcha_source.php, when I read SESSION outside of captcha_source.php (after the img tag), SESSION only includes ["outside"]="outside". (And inside captcha_source, session prints as inside=>inside)

-If I remove the line with img src=captcha_source.php, and set SESSION to "test" and write "test" in the form, everything works after submitting (but I don't have the image, because it wasn't included).

-If instead of including the file inside the image tag, I include it as include "/captcha/captcha_source.php" it sets the sessions ok, but I need the image, not garbage text.

So session works from page to page, but somehow not inside captcha_soruce.php. Even thow the id-s are the same, the sessions seam to be totally independent.

One hunch is that the problem is from htaccess (but the identical session id-s are strange), maybe from these lines: (the captcha folder is treated differently, but the base address should be unchanged)

RewriteCond $1 !^(index_ro|imagini|extra|fisiere|slider|tinymce|captcha)
RewriteRule ^(.*)/ index_ro.php?$1/

Maybe the identical sessions have to do with the way I read the files: remove the header from captcha_source.php and open the file whitch the same browser (firefox). And I see the garbage text and session id and session variables whitch I printed. Openning multiple tabs with the same site, keeps the same id.

I hope it's not to long, but it's been 2 days since I strougled with this problem. If it won't work, I'll do this with sql, but I would like to know where the problem is so it won't show up again in other circumstances.

Thank you :)

and here is a stripped code to show what hapens:

//the form part


    echo session_id();  //prints the same as on all pages

    //the form was not submittted
        unset($_SESSION); //just to be sure nothing remains from older sessions

    //generate form that has a field "mail_form_captcha"

        //generate a random text for captcha and put it in security_text


    <img src="<?php echo "./captcha/image.php"; ?>" />

        //include "./captcha/image.php"; //if uncoment this line, everything works, but the image is included as garbage text


        print_r($_SESSION); //this prints [security_text] => 10 [before] => before [after] => after

    else //interpret the submission
        print_r($_SESSION); //this is empty if session_start() is at the beginning of captcha_source.php, otherwise only contains before after and security_text


//the captcha part
    session_start();    //if included, it erases the session from the other files, otherwise it leaves it intact :-/


    print_r($_SESSION); //this prints [inside] => inside

    echo session_id();  //this prints the same session id as on the rest of the pages


    imagettftext([...] $_SESSION["security_text"]); //this draws a blank image



    header("Content-Disposition:inline ; filename=secure.jpg");

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Did you call session_start? Do you use custom session IDs or session names? – netcoder Jun 18 '12 at 20:30
Can you post the relevant part of captcha_soruce.php (i.e. session_start leading to the $_SESSION call) as there's probably something in the middle messing stuff up. – Robbie Jun 18 '12 at 22:10
@netcoder Yes, I did call session_start, at the top of every page, and in captcha_source.php. But I didn't use custom session IDs or names. – Mihai Zaharescu Jun 19 '12 at 11:48
@Robbie I'm trying to figure out how to add code in this small box, since I run out of characters – Mihai Zaharescu Jun 19 '12 at 11:51
You have unset ($_SESSION) - are you sure that line is not being called? Do an echo at that point to check. – Robbie Jun 19 '12 at 13:06

Just as I said I won't try anythind else with this captcha, I tried moving all the files in the same directory as the file calling it (it was in a file ./captcha) and it works now!!! What was the problem with it being in a different directory?

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I ran into this problem today, thanks to this it is working now. Did you ever know why it happens? @MihaiZaharescu – Mariana Hernandez Feb 3 '14 at 3:27

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