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I'm possibly confusing rack and capybara methods here


# test passes
describe "visiting #edit page" do
  before { visit edit_user_path(admin) }
  specify { current_path.should eq(edit_user_path(admin)) }

# test fails
describe "getting #edit page" do
  before { get edit_user_path(admin) }
  specify { current_path.should eq(edit_user_path(admin)) }

The second test fails with:

     Failure/Error: specify { current_path.should eq(edit_user_path(admin)) }

       expected: "/users/51/edit"
            got: "/users/51"

       (compared using ==)

A before(:each) block, sets the current_path to /users/51, so it looks like it remains that way when using get.

I just want to check here:

  • do visit and current_path come from capybara, whereas get comes from rack?
  • does the current_path object necessarily require you to use the visit method, in order to keep it updated?
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Your issue is a shared issue and was described in a post by Jose Valim.

To be short, in integration tests, only use visit.

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thanks, that link answered a lot of my other questions too –  marflar Jun 18 '12 at 20:13

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