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I'm trying to set flash variables within a redirect_to but having problems.

When I use this, the hash gets passed through, but there is no indifferent access. (ie: I can use 'key' but not :key)

redirect_to root_url, :flash=>params.merge({:error=>'no-results'}.with_indifferent_access)

It's also possible I'm approaching this completely wrong. It's a search form requesting a different action, that redirects back to the search form (on root_url) if there are no results. I'm passing params back so I can set the form fields back to what the user selected.


Edit: the example I had previously posted as "working fine" did not actually work fine.

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This is kind of a non-standard use of the flash... which is meant for storing a message to be displayed to the user. It also seems a bit roundabout way of doing what you really need - which I'm assuming is just a quick place to stash the params while you redirect yes?

Have you considered just using the session directly?


session[:saved_params] = params.merge :error=>'no-results'

then in the new action:

real_params = session[:saved_params]
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What are you trying to look up with indifferent access? The way you have it now the argument to merge is what gets converted. Perhaps you are looking for

redirect_to root_url, :flash=>params.merge({:error=>'no-results'}).with_indifferent_access
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Check if root :to in your route is redirecting to another page like root :to => redirect('[PAGE]').

This happened to me and I had to use the resource path to redirect

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