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How can I get this in Yii framework using Chtml::link

<a href="#" title="Movie 1" class="search-movie"><img alt="Movie 1" src="../../images/1.jpg"><p>Movie 1</p></a>

When I did this,

<?php $imghtml=CHtml::image('../../images/1.jpg');
echo CHtml::link($imghtml, array('moviepage/index'),array('class'=>'search-movie', 'title'=>'Movie 1'));?>

I only got

<a href="#" title="Movie 1" class="search-movie"><img alt="Movie 1" src="../../images/1.jpg"></a>
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You need to include the markup for the caption when you generate the link:

    $caption = CHtml::tag('p', array(), 'Movie 1');
    echo CHtml::link("{$imghtml}{$caption}", array('moviepage/index'), array('class'=>'search-movie', 'title'=>'Movie 1'));
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Yeah, it worked out for me, thanks ernie!!! –  Deepak Lamichhane Jun 19 '12 at 10:47

Like so:

<?php $imghtml=CHtml::image('../../images/1.jpg');
echo CHtml::link("$imghtml<p>Move 1</p>", array('moviepage/index'),array('class'=>'search-movie', 'title'=>'Movie 1'));?>
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