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I am using the following method to reverse geocode a google maps latlng:

[GClientGeocoder.getLocations(address:String, callback:function)][1]

Which states as follows:

As this method requires a call to a Google server, you must also pass a callback method to handle the response. This response will contain a Status code, and if successful, one or more Placemark objects.

Can anyone point me to a definitive reference of what a Placemark object is as it seems to return different attributes for different locations. e.g. sometimes I get a ThoroughfareName and others an AddressLine. I would like to understand if I will always get one or other of them and whether they are interchangeable.

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This page is from the Google Maps API documentation, and contains a pretty straightforward explanation of what a Placemark object is.

However, the part you probably want to focus on is where it states what format Google uses for the AddressDetails object in a Placemark, which is xAL (eXtensible Address Language). There is a link to the spec there, which leads to a downloadable schema (xsd file), which essentially defines the entire format. A word of warning: the spec is pretty extensive, but you may not need to worry about a great deal of it for your project.

Apologies for not being allowed to add links to the relevant pages for you.

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Thanks, this is more or less what I was looking for. I was looking at the API reference and would have expected a link from there. xAL seems to be pretty flexible and the answer is in the way google populates it, which is probably not available anywhere. I shall probably keep things simple and go with the assumption that thoroughfareName and addressLine are interchangable. –  Richbits Jul 10 '09 at 13:48

You have to hunt for it, but Google does in fact have some documentation about Placemarks hidden away.

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The contents of the Placemark object do vary based on the data available. I found the best way to work out what I was getting back was to use JSON.stringify to examine the response (for debugging):

function onGeocode (resp)
    document.getElementById("cd_output").innerHTML = JSON.stringify (resp);

This gave me the following results when I GeoCoded an address in Sydney, Australia:

    id, address, 
        Country, CountryNameCode, CountryName, 
                Thoroughfare { ThoroughfareName }
                PostalCode { PostalCodeNumber }
        LatLonBox { north,south,east,west }
        Point { coordinates }
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Thanks, I've found using firebug to be a decent way of viewing the results too. –  Richbits Jul 14 '09 at 12:53

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