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Example: if I want to upload a video to some video service website (such as Youtube) by email, I can send a video to an email address (e.g The number is an upload code - It's a unique number and changes every time. Then Youtube will process and upload my video automatically.

How did they create the email address, and how did they process an email message that a user has submitted?

I'm looking for the basic functionality behind this kind of web-application.

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Seems like you're trying to create an e-mail service which associates given e-mails to accounts. Shouldn't be too hard, but I have no experience with processing received e-mails with php. – Fabrício Matté Jun 18 '12 at 20:23
Creation by configuring MTA's (Exim, Postfix, the like) to pipe a certain emailaddress / emailaddresses to a script. Not that hard if you know the programs, and in this case, the user isn't even created, just a catch all email pipe to a process, and that process reads the to header & content. If you want to process the email with PHP look at mailparse in PECL. – Wrikken Jun 18 '12 at 20:26
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I've never done this, but I have a basic idea of how this is done. There's a mail server on waiting for any email no matter who's the recipient.

Once it gets a message it will pipe it to a script which can parse it and get the recipient address (that's the uploader's unique identifier).

Then it will look in the email for the attachment and get MIME code, base64-decode it and then write it to a file on a disk.

Then it will add an entry in the database with the user's unique identifier and the link to that uploaded content.

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if you use cPanel you could use something like to create the email accounts (use your own routines to generate the unique username etc) then you could use a script like to get the attachments from the email.

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you don't need to create a email address for each user. Just add some configuration to your mailserver in to catch all emails and use the "to" and/or "from" parameter to identify and authenticate the user. – Ayesh K Jun 18 '12 at 21:09

Finally, I figured out what I want.

All I have to do is handle with catch-all email on my web control panel. In my case, I just create a new subdomain and set a catch-all email option on that subdomain.

You can do all of above in Cpanel easily - just create a subdomain and selected a radio box Pipe to a Program and fill your application path. That's it!

Unfortunately, I'm using DirectAdmin. I have to do more complicated than Cpanel. It can handle with catch-all email as well, but I have to use wildcard dns for my subdomain record first.

In addition, I found this useful article about how to Pipe / Send Email to PHP Script. This article will show you every step including a PHP script for using with email piping.

Thank you for all answer. It's very helpful.

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