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I am trying to make a REST request to a Neo4j instance hosted via heroku. The server is setup with Basic Authentication.

This is the url I was provided with from Heroku (notice the trailing slash):

I'm using RestSharp to connect to this instance. However, RestSharp will remove the trailing slash. Code. The resulting url becomes:

This results in a HTTP 301 to (notice the trailing slash):

The problem is that the Authorization Header is not persisted across redirects MSDN. This redirect results in HTTP 401.

Are there any obvious ways around this? I've tried the following:

  • Provide 2 trailing slashes /db/data// so RestSharp only removed one slash but leaves one remaining. This doesn't work as other requests have invalid formats: /db/data//query/stuff
  • Use CredentialCache class. This works but results in 2 requests per action (One for the 401 challenge, another one for the response)
  • IAuthenticationModlue - Found minimal info on this in MSDN but after trying a custom class, this will still result in the double hop issue noted previously.
  • Change the initial rest request to be new RestRequest("/", Method.GET); instead of new RestRequest("", Method.GET); - the only probelm is I don't want to modify the Open Source project that is in between my app and RestSharp for my specific needs. RestSharp removes all ending slashes
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From pete at the Google Group:

One, somewhat annoying, workaround for requesting the "root resource" is to use: new RestRequest ("/ "), the trailing whitespace will prevent RestSharp from trimming the slash, but will be ignored by (most) servers.!topic/restsharp/8mBmaXksmsg

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Note: This doesn't work with query string parameters, it gets turned into /%20? which breaks. – subkamran Feb 16 '13 at 6:24

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