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I want to get into Erlang programming, specifically some yaws stuff. (Currently, I use Eclipse for Java development.)

What is the IDE of choice for Erlang development?

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While there are several choices of plugins for NetBeans or Eclipse, the officially recommended IDE is Erlang mode for Emacs

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erlang-mode is being actively developed as "erlware-mode": – legoscia Jul 10 '09 at 12:46

Eclipse does the job just fine for me with the Erlang plugin. If you are already familiar with that through Java development why not simply stick with that?

I have also used JEdit and it performs pretty well.

Both are pretty good at syntax highlighting and have templates for new modules (OTP etc.).

Although I agree that Emacs is the "official" editor of choice you don't have to use it (and learn a whole new editing approach) if you don't want to.

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thanks. i think i'll start with the plugin until i have my head around the basics, and then switch to emacs when i get to some unknown point. – Stu Thompson Jul 14 '09 at 12:09

Emacs is the IDE of choice. It supports Distel which plugs your editor into a cluster of Erlang Virtual Machines as an Erlang node in its own right (maaan!).

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If you are a new emacs user, I think emacs can really kill you :(

I try erlide(buggy for jump to defination, other is good) emacs-erlang mode(really hard for me), I finally choose sublime text2 for daily development. I suggest you can try it.

i install the following plugins:

package control

that's as good as I expected.

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Look for this one:

IntelliJ IDEA + Erlang plugin

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If you use Eclipse already, Erlide works nicely. I do think that Emacs with erlware-mode is better, but the learning curve may be a bit steep.

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