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I am working on a project accessing web service. I found a project


The above code include JSON library [project setting compiler = LLVM 4.2] And I tried to use partial code of that project in my project. So I copied the JSON library into my project [my project uses Apple LLVM 3.1] and then some error show up

SBJsonStreamWriterState **states;

//error:Pointer to non-const type "SBJsonStreamWriterState *" with no explicit ownership

I have tried using compiler flags -fno-objc-arc, no good. I wonder if its a ARC problem? if it is, then why above compiler flag wont work.

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Try disabling ARC at the target level like shown in the attached picture:

enter image description here

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So, I solved it by deleting SBJson Library. I found Apple already written a json library.

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