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When I create an open graph story and tag friends in it, the story ends up looking like this:

A did action - with B.

Can I rename the "with" preposition to something else? In my case, I'd like it to say:

A added an object - from B.


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The document says....

There may be scenarios where your users will want to indicate that they took an action with friends. This can be easily accomplished by specifying the tags optional parameter when publishing a story.

So tagging people is not something to describe "USER_A received OBJECT from USER_B" or something, but to indicate the occasion that USER_A is/was actually WITH USER_B physically or virtually.

Also the document says...

You can only encourage users to tag friends who are actually with them as the action takes place. Therefore the proper use of this is to indicate the user is actually with these friends when the action occurred.

Maybe you are going to have to reconsider the use of Open Graph action.

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