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I have spring web application. I would like to put some common piece of code which will be executed at beginning of each HTTP request so that i can check for spams. I have configured DispatcherServlet in my web.xml which means DispatcherServlet is the first entry point for every HTTP request. My question is does DispatcherServlet provide any method which will be executed first and then the control passes onto the requested annotation controller?

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IMO this kind of functionality would belong in a HandlerInterceptor (ref docs).

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I would agree to Dave. What you are looking for is a filter/interceptor for all the requests at mapped url. Traditionally this has been done using ServletFilter. This is where you put your custom code. For example.

   public FooFilter implements ServletFilter {
    void doFilter(ServletRequest request,
              ServletResponse response,
              FilterChain chain)
              throws IOException,
                     ServletException {
        // My Custom check for spam.

Once you have implemented your custom code in ServletFilter all that you need is configure it in web.xml.

        <param-value>Test parameter.</param-value>
    <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern> <!-- The URL to be filtered. -->

Its the easiest way to configure a filter and intercept your web requests.

When using Spring framework you would want to use the Sping's HandlerInterceptor. A very good post surrounding when to use what can be found here.

Hope this helps.

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