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If I was to create a ipfw divert rule to forward all FTP traffic to a specific socket, is it possible to use Java to connect to the socekt and read the packet information? If so, how would i go about reading/writing to the scoket?

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not sure what you mean. If you're using a divert rule, then all you have to do is listen on that ip:port combination in your java app and you're all set. If you want to read the actual destination endpoint information, you'll need to use JNI for that.

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Yes, it's like a normal socket, you can read/write from/to it, but on Mac OS X, if you do want to modify the packet and insert it back, you need to recalculate the tcp check sum first.


This is a good post that introduce the basic usage of the divert socket on Mac OS X. You can actually create the rule in your C code.

For you case, just scan the packet for TCP or IP header and parse for whatever you want

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