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I am trying to plot a graph using gnuplot.I have 6 text files.Each text file contains two columns.The first column represents time in seconds(it is a floating point number).Second is a sequence number.I want to plot the graph of time vs sequence number in a single graph for all six files.I am using this file to do that.

set terminal png
set output 'akamai.png'

set xdata time
set timefmt "%S"
set xlabel "time"

set autoscale

set ylabel "highest seq number"
set format y "%s"

set title "seq number over time"
set key reverse Left outside
set grid

set style data linespoints

plot "print_1012720" using 1:2 title "Flow 1", \
plot "print_1058167" using 1:2 title "Flow 2", \
plot "print_193548"  using 1:2 title "Flow 3", \ 
plot "print_401125"  using 1:2 title "Flow 4", \
plot "print_401275"  using 1:2 title "Flow 5", \
plot "print_401276"  using 1:2 title "Flow 6"

Where my files are


It is giving a strange error as below "plot.plt", line 24: undefined variable: plot

Am I doing something wrong.Is it possible to plot the input data from different files in the same graph.I am new to gnuplot any help is appreciated.


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Be clever, go to this topic… – Marcos Alex Jul 19 '13 at 12:47
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You're so close!


plot "print_1012720" using 1:2 title "Flow 1", \
plot "print_1058167" using 1:2 title "Flow 2", \
plot "print_193548"  using 1:2 title "Flow 3", \ 
plot "print_401125"  using 1:2 title "Flow 4", \
plot "print_401275"  using 1:2 title "Flow 5", \
plot "print_401276"  using 1:2 title "Flow 6"


plot "print_1012720" using 1:2 title "Flow 1", \
     "print_1058167" using 1:2 title "Flow 2", \
     "print_193548"  using 1:2 title "Flow 3", \ 
     "print_401125"  using 1:2 title "Flow 4", \
     "print_401275"  using 1:2 title "Flow 5", \
     "print_401276"  using 1:2 title "Flow 6"

The error is because gnuplot is trying to interpret the word "plot" as the filename to plot, but you haven't assigned any strings to a variable named "plot" (which is good -- That would be super confusing).

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You may find that gnuplot's for loops are useful in this case, if you adjust your filenames or graph titles appropriately.


filenames = "first second third fourth fifth"
plot for [file in filenames] file."dat" using 1:2 with lines


filename(n) = sprintf("file_%d", n)
plot for [i=1:10] filename(i) using 1:2 with lines
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I know this is old, but thank you for adding that alternative solution. Wasn't aware of loops in gnuplot, and they're an amazing feature. – Amit Apr 10 '14 at 13:37
Assuming normal filename convention (name.dat) I think this should be file.".dat". The first . concatenates the filename to "dat" but isn't included in the filename actually used in the plotting command. – jake Oct 28 '14 at 2:10
How can I plot all the files in a directory without explicitly writing their names? ( – becko Apr 30 '15 at 13:43
I've added an answer to that question, @becko. – Richard Apr 30 '15 at 17:47

replot is another way to get multiple plots at once:

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